A Star is Born by Sable Hamilton

23339905Scouted by stunt riders during a barrel-racing contest in her hometown, 13-year-old Kami Cooper comes to train at Stardust Stables with only the best of teachers. Leaving behind her family and her beloved horse Buttercup to train, Kami soon learns that stunt riding is one part talent and three parts hard work.

When Brad Morley, a renown movie director comes into town looking for two stunt doubles for the upcoming movie Moonlight Dream the excitement and nerves only rocket higher for Kami. Not only does she have to land all her stunts, she has to deal with jealous friends and the occasional sabotage from rival High Noon Stables which is also trying to land their own stunt doubles for Moonlight Dream. Will she be able to help fix the cash flow problems at Stardust Stables by nailing her audition? Will she be able to fly to California and work with a teen heartthrob?

It was fun to learn a little about stunt riders and what kind of stunts they practice and it was also great to learn about horses. I know that randomly I ran into some French trick riding competition on television the other day and was shocked by what I saw. A lot of the competitors looked like they were dancing and doing all sorts of flips and tricks on and around their horse. It was so beautiful and graceful. Every time I try to look it up I can’t find the exact name for what they were doing. It was like interpretive dancing or something. Anyway I thought it was cool to read this book after seeing performances like that.

It was interesting to read about the different horses in Stardust Stables and that each horse was better at different stunts than others. For example, some were better at working near fire and explosions, while others specialized in playing dead or with water stunts. I learned some horse tips here and there and found out that there are special equine aircrafts with stalls in them and everything. It was a fun and easy read. A Star is Born by Sable Hamilton is a sweet book. Any young girl with an interest in books and horses would love to read this.


Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.

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