Probability Angels by Joseph Devon

This is my last entry for the R.I.P challenge.  I wasn’t able to do as much as I planned with school being so hectic but I really enjoyed participating and can’t wait to do this again.

Details, Please

The premise of Probability Angels sort of reminded me of City of Angels where there are angels walking around everywhere. You know, the scene where all the angels are in black trench coats at the beach at sunrise? That’s how I imagine these characters, except more mischievous and not in a good way really. I can’t say I warmed up to them immediately because they were tough to like. They definitely didn’t become probability angels because of their sainthood. However they did make an important selfless decision to become what they are. Matthew Huntington is still considered a noob in the angel world doing minor mischief like making foreigners fight over directions and encouraging a heart-broken man to go after his just married love. You know, that sort of thing.

We soon find that Matthew has to make an important decision to either shadow the life of a loved one and eventually fade, or move on to the next step and become a tester, a tester being someone who pushes a person to their moral breaking point. Which isn’t fun at all, but challenges reveal the man and eventually sharpen them. However if he chooses this route he is told what will happen once the tether snaps,

“You will know for certain that you are entirely alone on this earth, and that you are loved by no one. You will be cast adrift with no compass and no oar. Your brain will expand in ways you never thought possible, but your heart will remain frozen in the same place forever containing nothing but the memories of your two choices.”

Pretty harsh, right? Well he becomes a tester and meets some others like him Kyo, Mary, and Bartleby along with their trainer and strongest of them all Epp (Epictetus). Of course it’s at this point where they meet with some trouble. Hey even probability angels need some opposition as well. Another type of undead trouble is waiting for them.


My review really doesn’t go into the complexities of the book,but I will say things get pretty interesting. Most importantly for those of you who like zombies you might like this book. There’s an army of zombies. If you like to read about a group of paranormal misfits sort of like Dead Like Me, then you might like this. It took me a while to get into this book, but it was an interesting premise and pretty creative. The second book called Persistent Illusions came out this year as well. It’s getting pretty good reviews, so read this one first if you can.


  1. It does sound like a darker version of City of Angels.
    I’m surprised I didn’t see this reviewed before, I thought there was a bit of an angel frenzy at the moment. Sounds interesting. I wonder how the zombies fit into all this.

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