U-Turn (2008 4-prt Special Movie)

I was making a comment on u-turns when I remembered this special television project I saw a while back. It’s a Korean four-part mini movie that’s an advertising commercial. I know that sounds weird, because aren’t movies full of product placement anyway? U-Turn is more like a long entertaining commercial. I wish they’d do that here, it would be neat to see a commercial for light bulbs made into a mini movie with Stephen Colbert or something…but what do I know? Lol.

Details, Please
U-Turn is a comedy, drama and spookiness all in one. Ji Sub is driving home one day when a peculiar girl shows up out of nowhere and doesn’t remember anything. Who is she, and why did she appear to him?

Each part is a little over 5 minutes long.
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

P.S. I love So Ji Sub, but he’s sort of a yelling jerk in this…plus can you guess what they’re trying to sell?

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