Mwahahahahahaha! R.I.P. VI

Woot! It’s finally time for Carl’s R.I.P. VI Challenge!

My choice of Peril:

I’ve been wanting to see Secret Investigation Record which I heard was like a South Korean version of The X-Files. Two things I love: South Korean anything and The X-Files, what could go wrong?

Also Lee Seo Jin has two television dramas that fall in the horror category: Soul and Freeze.

I really wanted to participate in the group reads, but since starting school I’ve had about a million mini freak-outs at everything I’m expected to read. So Bear who told me grad school was easier…I don’t get you. So I’m going to stick with the dramas for now. 🙂 They are fairly short…I think Freeze has five episodes…

Carl’s one demand is that you enjoy yourself, and that’s what I plan to do.

It’s not to late to sign-up…The R.I.P. Challenge runs from September 1 through October 31.

P.S. I’ve missed you all!


  1. I hope the moving in bit went smoothly! And yes, kdramas suck me in, soul and all. They’re pretty dangerous, ’cause once I start watching them, I have to finish all 20 eps or whatever – at once. I’m digging into RIP again, this year, last year I skipped because of grad school starting up for me, too! =P

    1. Sharry! 😀
      Packing is such a horrible thing! I had help here and there, but I felt the moving process took way too long…as it is I barely got settled again. I packed like seven coats (I wonder why I had that many in a desert area in the first place…) and had to tell myself I was moving to North Texas, not Alaska. So in the end I brought a “Seoul” sweatshirt and left my “I love Korean Boys” sweater behind (It’s not like I had the guts to wear it anyway…lol) I had to make tons of edits in what I brought, but at least I have internet now:)

      Yay! A Kdrama lover, and yes, they are dangerous…they make you sleep deprived. What was the first kdrama you watched? Any favorites? I heard the Kdrama You’re beautiful has a Japanese remake called Ikemen Desu Ne. I can’t wait to start that one.

      1. The first kdrama I watched was Stairway to Heaven….I cried so much! And I proceeded never to watch sad kdramas again if I can help it. I haven’t been keeping up with the newest ones, but my favourite old ones are, My Girl (I think Lee Da Hae is awesome!), My Name is Kim Sam Soon and some others which I can’t remember off the top of my head. I’ve watched some Jdramas, too…too long ago!!

  2. Yes, I expect people to meet that one demand too! Its all about the fun, no pressure should come with it at all. Your viewing sounds great, I’m going to have to check some of that our. I’ve watched a few Korean movies of late and really enjoyed them.

    thank you so much for joining in, I hope you have fun and meet some great people.

  3. Sounds cool, but like you, I don’t know how I’ll fit it in with Grad school work. The slave drivers have left me with very little time for my own reading and blog. Miss you!

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