X-Files/30 Days of Night: Final Recap

Story by: Steve Niles & Adam Jones
Art by: Tom Mandrake
Cover by: Andrea Sorrentino

Final issue! So picking up on that awful cliffhanger Scully is trying to get the phone to work when she notices the shadow on the wall of someone behind her. She grabs the handle to a briefcase the phone is in and…

Right before it’s about to descend on her she shoots it with that extra fast gun and kills him. Opening the door to leave, she sees two others running towards her.

On the other side of the compound Mulder finds a police man hiding under a desk saying he shot one of the vampires six times and it just laughed at him. He mentions that everyone on the compound must be dead, because out of nowhere the vampires came and killed everyone. Nothing could slow them down.

Everyone wants to leave but when Igor come back without Scully, Mulder wants to know where she is. Mulder rushes outside and among some corpses finds Scully’s badge covered in blood. Mulder can’t believe she’s dead as all the bodies are male, despite all the blood he sees.

The police man, going slightly crazy with fear just wants to leave saying she’s dead and they are too if they stay. The Russians agree with him about taking the snowcat to the airport. Next scene Mulder is leaving with the three other men, and what the heck?! One protest,and he leaves Scully behind?!

The police man is talking about the good ole days and how now everything is messed up…blah,blah,blah…he thought you had to die first before you saw hell. A body emerges in front of the snowcat. I think it’s that freakish baby corpse they fed that is now all huge.

The police man freaks and goes out to shoot it (gosh, two pages earlier he said no gun would kill them…) and the vampire tears his arm off and goes for the others in the truck.

Igor pulls a grenade and everything blows, including the vampire (now without a body) still trying to speak.

Mulder tells Dimitri he is going to get help and runs into a greenhouse like building. Of course not having any luck he grabs the phone and agent French turned vampire is there to make his life difficult.

He starts trash talking Mulder saying he never liked him, but acknowledges that Mulder was right about everything…he was just searching for the truth. He asks Mulder if he wants his apology as he moves in to bite him and Mulder is like um..no thanks. He starts beating up Mulder when Scully walks in. Of course she wasn’t dead! Stupid Mulder. Mulder is shocked and tells her not to come in, but now agent French wants to tear her apart in front of Mulder, but Scully being Scully turns on the UV sun-spot switch on the wall that ends up frying French. He’s now a french fry (har har)

Mulder’s like, “I thought you were dead” (yeah, you spent all of two seconds looking for her), and she said she was out looking for him (sigh.) The lights start popping and this is what they see….

Mulder and Scully eventually venture outside and see the little girl Scully tried to save earlier (who is of course a vampire.) She waves to Scully and takes off with the rest. Um…okay.


Dimitri is surveying the compound from a clifftop, (guess he survived) and is ready to leave U.S. territory. Back at FBI Headquarters official word is that Orkrose has been transferred and French has taken extended leave. Mulder says that this isn’t over that there’s going to be a pandemic spreading through the Arctic Circle. Scully says that the entire case is being handled by a different department, the town has been contained and is off limits…locals have relocated.

Skinner walks in and Mulder asks if they are being shutdown again. He doesn’t like doing it but, yeah they are off the case. Mulder still has the book Captain Norborg gave him and Skinner takes it, and tells them to get on a plane for Texas there’s another case they need to be on. Dismissed!

In an underground military detainment center in Nevada, French is teaching other agents about interrogation techniques…ironic since he’s the vampire they are planning to interrogate.

Orkrose is overseeing everything. French says it’s only a matter of time till they escape again.

Back on that ship in the Arctic, it’s full of vampires plotting to move further into Alaska.

End of Issue/ Series

What?! I know an X-File is a case that has been deemed unsolvable, but really? This is the end? I have more questions than answers.

I’m not even sure what the heck happened at the end. I think that was French in the cell, but wasn’t he burned up, and wasn’t Orkrose dead too?  Why did the vampires let Mulder and Scully live? They looked angry enough outside the greenhouse. It just felt really anticlimactic. I wonder if 30 Days of Night fans liked it?

I enjoyed seeing my favorite duo on paper, but I don’t usually feel so unsatisfied when watching an X-File episode on television. What was the mysterious book from issue 4? And was the corpse baby the king of vampires or something? I feel like I would’ve gotten a better ending if the Scooby gang were on the case.

The ending really killed this crossover, and I’m still pissed that Mulder practically abandoned Scully…that would have never happened in the show. Yeah he ditched her a lot, but left her to die? Pfft, please.

Does this look like a man who would leave Scully to die? And no, he's not gnawing her arm off.

Thanks for sticking with me! What are your thoughts?


  1. I like your anger at Mulder’s easy acceptance of Scully’s death. But right? She survived a brain tumor, being abducted, and several other random events every week for years, and he never gave up on her then. So what the bleep? It’s like when I would watch the show, and for the first five freaking years, I would get so upset with Scully constantly playing devil’s advocate to Mulder’s beliefs of the events occurring around them–when for five years—he was always right! Damn Scully, get a clue!

    1. Couldn’t agree harder!

      And yeah, I finished this last installment and felt like it didn’t really “end” at all. What was the point??? It was nice to have M&S together again for a while, even in comic book form, but this wasn’t nearly as satisfying as Frank Spotnitz’s set of comics, though it had the potential to be good. Too many throw away mysteries in the plot.

      1. Missed you Salome! I guess this series was just fan service…not shipper fan service, but I guess it’s just fun to see Mulder and Scully in a different universe. I have to read that other set of comics though…I bet they are better 🙂

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