X-Files/30 Days of Night: Issue 5 Recap

Story by: Steve Niles & Adam Jones
Art by: Tom Mandrake
Cover by: Andrea Sorrentino

The creepy baby corpse from the last issue, now with enough blood morphs into an even scarier version of itself (sort of like when they wake up Viktor in Underworld.) Oddly enough the guys who fed him now look scared as this thing leaps and attacks them. He morphs into a grown vampire with an insatiable thirst.

At the same time, Agent French and his partner are interrogating some people. He’s mad that while doing this Mulder and Scully are out “contaminating” his case. So he calls Skinner. Skinner basically tells him there’s a reason he sent them there and hangs up on him.

Back on Little Diomede the agents and their Russian friends return to their vehicles to see all their comrades killed. They’re worried because they didn’t hear anything and Scully wants to go check on Captain Norborg in the cave. Mulder yells for her to wait but Igor goes with Scully and Mulder is left to help move the bodies, but Mulder doesn’t want to touch the crime scene. One man was left alive. He says they attacked while everyone was taking a smoke break.

While telling his story Mulder mentions the guy needs medical attention, the guy lifts his head and…

The last survivor had become a vampire. Mulder’s Russian friend shoots the vampire. Back at the cave everything is destroyed. Everyone wants to leave but Scully want to take some of the bodies to examine.

Concurrently, agent French and his partner find two deserted police snowmobiles and they get attacked by vampires. They bite agent French but let his partner live because he seems to be related to the vampire.

Scully along with the other agents are at the lab examining the captain’s body. Scully is puzzled as to where the little girl is (from issue 2.)

Scully is amazed at Captain Norborg’s body because whatever he was suffering from appears to have changed his entire physiology. Everything seems to be dead inside his body except for the heart. While conducting the autopsy there’s a blackout.

Meanwhile agent French wakes up a vampire and attacks his partner. He is shown overlooking the compound where Mulder and Scully are.

Back to the blackout, the agents and their Russian friends seem to be the only people around and Scully wants to go to her room for a special phone. Igor doesn’t want to leave her alone, but gives her his weapon that is faster than bullets.

Of course Scully goes to her room and what do we see? Yikes!

End of Issue.

I guess this vampire with one eye is the one Mulder shot in issue 3. It would’ve been more interesting if this vampire ran into Mulder first, as Mulder is the one responsible for his injury. Artistic wise, I like how the window in the background made an “x” shape where the vampire’s eye should be. Already five issues and Mulder and Scully haven’t met the leader of the vampires. I guess it all comes together in the next and last issue.


    1. Lol, me too. I’m not familiar with 30 Days of Night but I think these vampires are just regular vampires, despite Mulder and Scully’s involvement. Lol. Gosh, alien-vampires sound extra scary though.

      1. H.G. Well’s aliens from The War of the Worlds are pretty much alien vampires! It was pretty amazing what someone of his era was able to imagine! It was a tense read.

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