X-Files/30 Days of Night: Issue 4 Recap

Story by: Steve Niles & Adam Jones
Art by: Tom Mandrake
Cover by: Andrea Sorrentino

Issue opens up with a circle of vampires surrounding the one Mulder managed to shoot in the eye. Speaking another language, their leader demands he get up and relate what happened.

Back to the helicopter crash, Mulder and Scully are stranded with no food and no way to call for help. The only positive thing is the warmth from the burning wreckage, but not for long since it’s the coldest time of year and they’re standing on a frozen ocean.

They decide to follow their impact trail, but are quickly surrounded by Russians with heavy weapons pointed at them. Well at least they’re not vampires.

Scully mentions they’re probably on the wrong side of the date line. The helicopter crashed on Big Diomede Island, Russian territory, on the way to Little Diomede. The main man says it’s an honor to meet them, as they have been following their work for a long time. Apparently they do the same investigations into paranormal situations.They bring up the man without limbs..

Meanwhile the vampires come across the helicopter, and follow the agents tracks in hopes to be led to the man without limbs. Gosh, Mr. popular, this guy is…

Meanwhile on Little Diomede Island, American territory, the Russians accompany Mulder and Scully to a cave. The man without limbs has lived there for over a century, and hardly speaks…

Pfft. Yeah right, the limbless man spends the next three and a half pages telling his story. His name is Norborg and he was the captain of the ship from the earlier issues. He thinks he was responsible for killing his men not with his hands but with his intentions to search for an artifact without telling his crew.

This artifact was believed to hold the secrets of eternal life, but instead he found never-ending death. He guided his crew of 120 to a small patch of frozen land above the Bering Strait, and ordered the crew to load and hide this item. Unfortunately, someone else sought the artifact as well. These men killed the crew, and they moved through the night like shadows, and no weapon could slow them down. They had clawed fingers, black eyes and teeth like a barracuda.

They came after the captain, and he denied them the information they wanted. They tortured him and punished him by tearing his limbs off. As he lay dying they spit into his open wounds…it was considered a curse, because his heart gained strength again.

They cursed him to live in that utter misery and then they mysteriously went into the night. He lay there until the sun finally came and the natives of the island found him. They took him and placed him in the cave where they have cared for him with love and respect for generations. Before I start to really think this is weird, he explains that his undying body held special meaning for them. He was considered a good luck charm and they even have a saying about him:

“If the man who cannot die, dies, darkness falls over the Island forever.”

He mentions that forever has come and he tells Scully (who he keeps referring to as his beloved Eleanore,) to take a certain book and leave. I’m thinking that Scully looks like the figurehead on the front of the boat in his cave.

Of course once the agents leave, the vampires find Norborg and end up finding the artifact from the story inside the figurehead that really does look like Scully. Norborg freaks, and begs them to kill him but they want him to die suffering.

Meanwhile Mulder and Scully have questions about the book. Mulder starts to mention Norborg’s story and Scully doesn’t want to take him seriously, because Norborg is probably suffering from an advanced form of phocomelia, and living in isolation has driven him mad.

Back in the cave, the vampires break the artifact and find a small fetus of some kind. The vampires drip blood onto it and it wakes up asking for more blood.

End of Issue.

Eep! What the heck? This issue definitely had a darker tone then the first three. Finally we hear the story of the limbless man, although now I wish they’d skimped on the details… And if Norborg is now dead what does that say for the hope of the Island? The natives are going to freak. Also, what was that book that Mulder and Scully took? Well, there has to be some kind of encounter with the agents and vampires next issue…and I’m looking forward to that.


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