Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

Usually I stay away from faerie books because they always turn out to be cruel. At least it seems that way. Yeah, I know other mythical beings can be malevolent…but there’s just something about faeries that creep me out. However, I thought this book was really interesting and I read it fairly quickly. This is not to say it’s not dark, because it is. It’s just really compelling.

Details, Please
Mac’s older sister Alina is brutally murdered while attending college in Ireland, but with lack of evidence and witnesses the Dublin police turn it over to the unsolved division after only twenty-one days. Spurred by a veiled message left to her cell phone Mac goes to Ireland to try to motivate them to continue the investigation. It turns out both Alina and Mac shared the same gift and are sidhe-seer’s who can see through Fae glamour and sense objects of power. Jericho Barrons bookstore owner, and collector of rare things is in search for these objects of power. Mac agrees to help him in hopes it will lead to her sister’s killer.

So What?
It’s a huge whodunit, and Mac acts like Barbie. She’s really immature and can get pretty annoying when she refuses to see what’s right in front of her. I can’t say by the end of the book that she’s grown, but I can say in the overall picture (having read the series) she grows and is determined to survive in this whole new world. Barrons is not charming at all. In fact he broods all over the place and is offish to everyone. He comes off as heartless and patronizing, but he’s like this huge riddle that’s begging to be solved. That’s part of the intrigue of the book. Who is he, and why are we still putting up with him?

One thing I majorly hate are cliffhangers….this series is full of them (five books,) like irritating cliffhangers in the middle of an important scene kind. This series reads like one huge book with breaks. The good thing is the series is finished now so as long as you have all the books nearby your good. The books get better, and I admit this first one is a bit weak, but you have to start there. My friend was telling me that it’s interesting how we can get embarrassed from reading certain books even when reading is a private experience. That’s sort of how I felt reading the Fever series, mostly the last book can be a bit risqué so if you don’t feel comfortable reading immodest scenes then don’t start the series at all. It was the last book in this series that made me cry so much though. I was that involved with what I was reading. In the end I’m glad I read them, maybe you will be too.


  1. I just finished this and will review it one of these days. And also had to order the next one (s)… Speak of cliffhangers… I’m so curious to find out who Barrons is. I thought the way he treated her and how she behaved occasionally a bit over the top. I thought the book was also quite funny.
    I was wondering if there would be more than five, so I’m glad to know there is an end. And alos good to know they will get better. Often the first is the best.

  2. This is by far one of my most favorite series. But I did suggest to many of my friends who hadn’t started reading it before all the books were released to wait. That way, they didn’t need to pull their hair out like the rest of us did. But now that they are all out (and fabulous), there is nothing stopping people.

    You are right about these books being immodest – especially books 4 and 5. And yes, Mac is borderline annoying in the first few books. Barrons stays as frustrating throughout the entire series – but man is he yummy! The books get better as the series progress, they really do (as you know). I’m glad you decided to talk about this series!

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