X-Files/30 Days of Night: Issue 3 Recap

Story by: Steve Niles & Adam Jones
Art by: Tom Mandrake
Cover by: Andrea Sorrentino

Recaps of issues 1 & 2

1972 The Arctic Circle

The mysterious ship from the last issue was knocked off course by the worst weather conditions. One night however they saw something in the distance, a smaller ship that was wedged in the ice waving a white flag. The captain ordered a rescue team, but six hours passed without any contact. Before a second team was sent to search for them they saw someone returning, and let’s just say it wasn’t the rescue team. Some say the crew was attacked by animals eaten alive. Yet others say it was something darker… human, but not quite. The ship was never found, but terrified, frozen crew members were rescued from a sheet of ice…only one survived.

Scully tells Mulder that can’t be the official report, but he says that was the official statement given by the only survivor. Scully reasons he was probably delirious, suffering from both hypothermia and exposure.

Mulder: You know as well as anybody the seas have many tall tales of monsters that have turned out to be fact.

Scully: Yes, yes the giant squid, the coelacanth. I’m well aware of these cases. But all of these cases are simply ignorance versus knowledge, things we needed to examine to disprove the legend. Even whales were thought to be monsters at one point.

Mulder: And why is this any different?

Scully: Because at no point has a cannibalistic arctic humanoid ever been photographed of left any other solid evidence. In all the cases cited, there were actual specimens examined.

Mulder: Well from the looks of this ship, we might come across a specimen for you.

For those of you familiar with The X-Files, all I can say is that nothing good ever happens when Mulder and Scully get on any kind of boat. Mulder and Scully now on board the ship find newspapers from Russia, Finland, China and Iceland dating from 1975 to 1992… Scully mentions that perhaps the ship has been adrift for a while and maybe numerous people have been living on it. Mulder asks Scully to name one case of a ship that has drifted the seas being used as a flophouse. Put that way it sounds silly, and Mulder mentions that now she knows how he feels.

Scully finds a whole bunch of dead bodies, and because of the Arctic conditions the bodies are almost mummified. Some of the bodies look only a few weeks old. As they take off to call for backup, they here a Kreeeeeeeek of a door.

Scully yells not to fire. It’s that jerkwad Agent French from the first issue. They followed Mulder and Scully’s tracks thinking they had a lead on a suspect.

Meanwhile on the Eastern Slope, Alaska State Troopers find some bodies in the snow along with this…

They start shooting at them, but I don’t think it really matters.

Back to annoying Agent French, he wants the ship completely swept, but most of the department left earlier that day, and there is only a few local law-enforcement and forensic agents around to help. Scully suggests they set up a stake out, since the ship is some kind of hideout. Agent French keeps yelling about Mulder going on the ship in the first place without contacting him and threatens to call Skinner to get Mulder pulled off the case. His partner mentions that he knows he’s a douchbag, but since he has seniority over him there is not much he can do, but he agrees with them on the stake out. Surprisingly Mulder wants to leave the investigation. He doesn’t tell Scully why and walks off to talk to some men about flying them to Diomede Island.

On the helicopter they spot a fire and some movement on the ground. The pilots take off towards it, even though Scully want to stay on course to the Island. The pilots are jerks and get lower to shoot at something they think is an animal, except it leaps out of sight, and c’mon do we really think it’s an animal? And gosh where do you think it went?…

One of the pilots disappears and the helicopter starts to crash….a vampire flies through the window to the pilot and take him out. Scully can’t get any altitude, and Mulder is busy making a cross with flares.

The vampire is having none of that and knocks it away, Mulder shoots it in the head and they jump off the helicopter as it crashes…

End of Issue

Not too much action in this issue, but now we know the origins of the ship. I wonder what’s on Diomede Island, cause it doesn’t seem like Mulder to readily leave a case…Also we get to see this vampire reveal itself to Mulder and Scully for the first time. What’s up with the whole cross flare thing? I think I would of shot first then maybe tried to make a cross. Also, Scully referred to the ship as a floating abattoir. I now know another word for slaughterhouse. Who says we can’t learn anything from comics?

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