Die for Me by Amy Plum [Audible Audio Edition]

I started listening to Die for Me while doing chores and such, and I enjoyed it. Paris is the setting for the book so most of the characters are French. It was neat to listen to the audiobook because the voice actress, Julia Whelan would speak in a French accent and pronounce all these French words. It was a delight! I don’t think it would be the same reading it. Plus with all the setting descriptions it felt like I was in Paris myself.

Details, Please

After the death of their parents, Katie and Georgia Mercier move to Paris to live with their grandparents, where they have repeated encounters with Vincent Delacroix and his “kindred.” One day she witnesses Vincent’s best friend Jules get hit by a train and freaks out. Not only that, it looks like Vincent doesn’t care. The callused jerk! She breaks off any connection with Vincent until three days later when she sees Jules again. Needless to say, she is a bit confused about all that went down. Shouldn’t Jules be dead? And here comes the new breed of paranormal creatures….they turn out to be zombie guardian angels called revenants (ruh-vuh-nahnts). I bet I lost some of you there, but you know it was oddly entertaining. Since originally they died saving someone, they keep doing it after death and are bound to that one mission for the rest of their existence. You have to give Mrs. Plum credit for trying a new concept. The rest of the story unfolds when Kate gets caught in the middle of a revenge plot between the revenants and their enemies.

So What?

Okay, so I’ll be the first to say this is fluff, and another variation on Twilight sort of. I disliked Starcrossed for that reason, but I liked Die for Me. I think that Starcrossed was an imitation of Twilight while Die for Me was merely inspired by it (if you will allow me to use “Twilight” and “Inspired” in the same sentence.) I think it’s the French culture, and the Paris setting that kept me interested. To be honest I don’t think I would have finished this if I was reading it, but since I was listening it was just better.


Wait till you find this audiobook at a cheaper price. However, it’s free with an Audible.com 30-day free trial membership. Even then though, I’d use my free trial membership on another more expensive book. So yeah, just wait a bit before buying if interested, or perhaps you can find it at the library.


    1. Lol, yeah. The bad thing is all I want to read is fluff. Trying to get into Kafka on the Shore is like pulling teeth, but I guess that’s why I took the challenge. 🙂

    1. It was really fun to listen to. It’s funny how one can enjoy listening to the book but not like reading it. I tried to read some of it, but the feel of the book somehow changed. Lol

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