X-Files/30 Days of Night: Issue 2 Recap

Story by: Steve Niles & Adam Jones
Art by: Tom Mandrake
Cover by: Andrea Sorrentino

It seems my first recap on this series is one of my most viewed posts, so I thought I’d just continue with the recaps. It opens with Mulder watching a Dracula sort of film and informing Scully about a case in Siberia in 1965 where a whole town of 125 people were found dead and drained of blood and the killers were found mummified under the ice. Scully shoots down the idea that ice mummies killed the truckers, and would like to reexamine the crime scene since there is less and less daylight now.

Scully’s sticking to, “there’s always a reasonable explanation,” while Mulder manages to make Scully’s suggestion of Polar Bears seem even more ludicrous than ice mummies.↓

Scully wants to gather evidence, and is surprised to see that no one was watching the crime scene. She wants to call and inform someone, while Mulder tells her it’s not their crime scene so let another person do it. Mulder mentions that instead of asking who did it they should wonder why first.

Meanwhile Scully notices a set of children’s footprints wandering from the crime scene, and on following them finds a child buried in the snow alive. While carrying her the little girl breaks into flames and is rushed to the lab, but when they get there the girl appears normal with no 3rd degree burns. Mulder has a theory, but is not ready to say it.

An officer comes in and informs Scully that he doesn’t see any connection with the girl and the dead truckers. Also more bodies have been found; as they leave we are left with this frightening picture.

The bodies are that of Henry-Lee Brown, a.k.a Patches and his family, that first ran across the crime scene. Back at the lab, the little girl has escaped. And while Mulder and Scully are horrified at the Patches crime scene, the nurse from the lab freaks when the little girl is found crawling on the ceiling and attacks her.

Mulder and Scully are accosted by other people with guns who are demanding that they smile and show their teeth.

A women mentions she’s not afraid of the boat or the man without limbs, and Scully’s like what?! What boat? What man without limbs? So the woman leads them off and tells them a story about a man with no limbs that can’t die. He comes from the sea, is over 100 years old, and walks between the darkness and light. When Mulder and Scully get to the top of the hill they see this…..

End of Issue.

I like how Tom Mandrake’s art lends itself to horror, and I appreciate that the writing has its comedic parts. In that way it’s really similar to an episode of The X-Files. As for the story, Scully keeps trying to avoid Mulder’s suggestion of vampires, but we all know he’s on the right track. What’s up with this mysterious ship? I’m not too familiar with 30 Days of Night, so maybe it’s part of that universe?


  1. I also felt like I was missing a significant part of the backstory not being familiar with 30 Days of Night. There were winks to the audience I should have been catching. It was still good though. I wish The X-Files had come up with a “Vampire” episode that was this frightening! Instead we got “3”…

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