Creativity on the Move

Sadly, I put in my two-week notice today at the library, but I’m ready for grad school in a much bigger town 450 miles away. It’s always desert weather here and I’m looking forward to seeing snow in winter and maybe orange leaves in fall. I have enjoyed my stay working with the children here, but I admit it scared me to death when I had to read to them at first. I still get a bit nervous.

Finally was able to add a unicorn to the wall in the children's area...

Castle that goes with our "Midsummer Knight's Read" theme. Pretty simple, but felt like it took forever to put up.

My first memento of working with the children in the library this year.

For our puppet show, the kids came up with a story about a cursed butterfly and sugar palace that could only be fixed by Prince Justin Bieber singing, "Baby"...there were also two vampire princesses and a vampire elephant named Elepire.

Our project for tomorrow...making dragon wings out of bubble wrap.

Still haven't finished packing for my move, but found time to buy school supplies. Some notebooks just invite you to write. Lol. Plus school supplies are my Achilles' heel.

Anyone else see these new covers for the classics?


  1. Looks like you had fun at the library. It is always a little sad to leave and to start a new chapter. I wish you the best of luck in grad school.

  2. I saw the new covers for the classics at Walmart of all places! Very cool. I had to snatch up Alice and Oliver Twist even though they were the abridged versions, because, hey, they were a dollar each!

    Sounds like you guys do a lot of awesome creative stuff at your library. I volunteer at my local branch, and we spend FOREVER making some of the more complex crafts and setting up for kids’ events. I hope you have a great time in graduate school!

    1. I had to get some too for that price. I only have four regulars for the summer program so I’m not terribly stressed, but crafts do take forever. Lol. Thanks for the well wishes, and I hope you aren’t in a post-Potter depression 😉

  3. You have a really cool blog. This sounds like it will be a big change for you, and definitely a lot different from South Texas. What will you be studying? And LOL at Prince Justin Bieber. Kids….

      1. I’m sure that you’ll be a terrific librarian. You obviously have a lot of passion for books, and I’m already seeing a lot of things that I want to read just by looking at your blog.

        Have fun in your program. I’m sure librarians party really hard!

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