1. What a coincidence. I just requested the miniseries from the library. I guess it is the day to think of Adams though. He’s such a fascinating character and living in Boston has increased my interest. Have you watched the whole series? Is it as good as every one says?

    1. Lol, I saw it because I heard Craig Ferguson say he really liked it. Yeah, like Hannah said, it was really good. You learn a lot of little things and also I didn’t know Abigail Adams was so cool. It makes me want to read David McCullough’s book. They were showing it on HBO earlier….it might still be on.

      1. McCullough’s book is really good. I’ve read a few of his (I’m a history nerd) and the Adams one is my favorite. Unfortunately I don’t get HBO or other cool channels.

      2. I don’t either. It’s sneaky really, I only get HBO when there’s premieres of big shows and then the next day it’s gone. Lol, I guess my provider is trying to get me to buy it.

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