X-Files/30 Days of Night

I’m a HUGE X-Files fan. When I was younger I had every piece of merchandise available…watches, hats, action figures, books, posters… you name it, I had it. Including some comics from the earlier days of the show in the early nineties.They were strangely lack luster, Mulder lost his dry humor and Scully was drawn like a man. Okay, they both looked like stunt doubles that look like them but only from VERY FAR away…

Luckily, by issue twenty they started looking more like Duchovny and Anderson.

Anyway I was looking up 30 Days of Night and found out there was an X-Files crossover. Dude, really?! I’m psyched. Especially since I can only think of two vampire themed episodes one I hated and the other I loved. Apparently this crossover came out last year. Where was I? The series was co-written by 30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles and Tool guitarist Adam Jones.

Issue 1 Recap

So basically the first couple of pages are like the opening teaser of an X-Files episode. “Patches” Brown a native of Alaska snowplows to escape his nagging wife and runs across a mass of semi-trucks and other vehicles mangled…what’s worse is a bunch of disembodied corpses up on a huge pole. *cue theme music*




Enter Mulder on the stupidest line ever…lol
Of course there seems to be other law enforcement there that have beef with Mulder from way back. They seem to think that it’s a serial killer who has a thing for ritualistic posing and trophies…Of course Mulder has other ideas asking about high pitched wailing and howls and Scully is giving her “don’t start” look…although he does have a point cause how did this one killer get sixteen bodies up a forty-foot pole in subzero weather….

Of course he has to get this in to be fair:

“Actually, it isn’t unprecedented, in 1868 Captain Henry Stern killed, mutilated and devoured his entire crew of 27 before he froze to death just off the Coast of Greenland.”

In which Mulder is met with these looks…no wonder they call him Spooky.

The rest of issue one is narrated and we find out that “Patches” Brown did not quite avoid the deathtrap he thought he escaped. End of issue. So although this first part felt fairly short it actually had that X-Files feel to it more so then the comics from the early nineties. Heavy mystery and danger is conveyed by the art of Tom Mandrake. It feels very horror like, in fact, Mandrake’s art style sort of reminded me of Bernie Wrightson’s illustrations from the Stephen King novella, Cycle of the Werewolf.

Anyway, I’m happy to see that Mulder was funny and Scully was caught between her common sense and agreeing with Mulder. So basically they stayed in character and the writers had their banter down pretty well. Being honest though there is not much of 30 Days of Night in this issue…except you know it’s in Alaska and the possibility that vampires are responsible (which we know they are.) So I guess you’ll have to turn to the next five issues to find out when the crossover is in full swing. Perhaps your local comic book store will have the back issues. If not, I can recap…if anyone wants me to.

Anyone out there like The X-Files or 30 Days of Night?


  1. I once tried to get into X-Files by buying the first two seasons on DVD but I later pawned them for gas money before I could watch : (. I did have a Scully action figure with some demon or dead guy on a hospital stretcher. This crossover does sound interesting though.

    1. Dude, that is a sad story. Someone should write about items in a pawn shop that talk. That would be interesting. Lol. I had that same action figure….I think it was from the first movie. It was an alien on the stretcher….lol

    2. Try Netflix! You can stream them for free now. If you don’t have that here’s a comprehensive list from Tumblr of links to free X-Files episodes: http://-redux.tumblr.com/post/5034027844/the-x-files-fox-run-1993-2002-genre

      Good luck!

      So back to the comics. I finished the new crossover a few months back and it was pretty good. Definitely an improvement over the old comics. But the ending wasn’t too fulfilling, probably because 30 Days of Night is a continuing saga.

      Have you checked out the comics that Frank Spotnitz did back in 2008 to coincide with the release of I Want to Believe? Those were awesome. Really felt like the good old days of The X-Files.

      Thanks for these X-Files posts! I love finding them. 🙂

      1. Awesome! Thanks for the links! It’s good to know about Netflix…I heard somewhere they quit streaming them (I suspect it was an April Fools joke thank goodness)

        There are seven issues in that 2008 comic, right? I only have the first four 😦 So that one ended with a huge semi-truck trying to run over Mulder and Scully. Lol. What a place to be left hanging! From what I read though it was pretty awesome.

        And Dude! I’m going to be hanging over at your site all the time now. Lol. It’s always good to find a fellow X-Phile.

      2. I’m positive Netflix still has it. What a cruel, cruel joke.

        Anywho, I’m always happy to find another Phile too! It’s amazing how much talk there still is about The X-Files even after almost a decade. Talk about a lasting impact.

        The whole set of Uncle Frank’s comics are available at Amazon for about $13 last I checked. It’s in one book now and it’s worth it. Perfect for a lazy afternoon of reminiscing.

  2. 30 Days of Night was an OK movie. But I love the X-Files. I re-watched the entire show last summer on Netflix, thereby rekindling my love for the show and Mulder……mmmmm

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