The Twisted Thread by Charlotte Bacon

The Twisted Thread was like reading the AMC’s The Killing without commercial interruptions or cliff hangers. Oh, and not as well written. Instead of constantly asking who killed Rosie Larsen, it was who killed Claire Harkness and to make it a bit different, who took her baby. And add to that how did she manage to hide her pregnancy in the first place?

Armitage Academy is one of those rich prestigious high schools every parent wants to send their kid to but could never afford. Even down to an elite secret society that must have been the prequel to Yale’s Skull and Bones. Except for in Armitage it’s called “The Reign of Terror” complete with a Robespierre figure-head. When your mascot, so to speak, is known for cutting off heads and leaving cryptic messages like, “you have the right to use terror to crush the enemies of liberty,” things can’t be all that good.

So was it “The Reign” who killed her? Perhaps one of her teachers? Maybe her tool of a boyfriend? I was constantly guessing. The book is split into four different perspectives–there is Madeline Christopher (intern), Fred Naylor (art teacher), Matt Corelli (cop/ ex Armitage student), and Jim French (ground crew worker). I’m usually not a big fan of perspective switching, but it was okay I guess. It worked.

That being said, it took me nine chapters to get into this book (there are twenty-four chapters and an epilogue,) and even then the author’s writing style was very verbose. Sometimes I felt like I was reading a string of nothing but adjectives. Despite that the book was an okay attempt at a whodunit that reminded me of The Killing, but not as interesting…maybe it’s more like a game of Clue except the reader is also wondering who took Claire’s baby. The Twisted Thread comes out June 14th.

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