Top Ten Minor Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.

Today it’s Top Ten Minor Characters in Literature…

1.Samwise Gamgee– Sidekick to Frodo yet a hero in his own right. (Lord of the Rings)

Would the Ring have made it to Mount Doom without Sam? I don’t think so. Without his extreme loyalty and protective nature towards Frodo…Frodo might not have made it. He rescues him from the Orcs after the whole spider incident. He briefly becomes the Ring-Bearer and though tempted did not fall under the lure of the Ring.

2. Ron Weasley– Comic relief (Harry Potter series)

Yeah he and Harry had some fights, but most friends do. He is hilarious without trying and who can forget how he sacrifices himself in Wizard’s Chess so Harry and Hermione could go on… which must be scary considering the pieces attack each other until destroyed. He understood sacrifices had to be made.

3. Phoebe Caulfield– Voice of reason (The Catcher in the Rye)

I love how she is the voice of reason for Holden, although she is six years younger she is more mature. She loves him. It’s so sweet how Phoebe offers Holden her Christmas money and after receiving Holden’s good-bye note, she comes to meet him with a big suitcase. She makes his narrative come into question and she doesn’t baby him when he whines. She tells it straight.

4. Sir John Falstaff– Pseudo villain (Henry IV 1&2)

Ton of negative stuff about him, yet he’s really funny. He doesn’t really count as a villain, but he really cares for Prince Harry. Too bad Harry was a jerk to him in the end.

5. Nico di Angelo– Tortured soul (Percy Jackson series)

I really love Nico, the son of Hades. He loves his sister and is so sad about her death that he tries to find a soul he can trade for hers. He feels out-of-place at camp Half-Blood and feels that only the dead accept him, but only because they are afraid of him. How sad is that?

6. Matthew Cuthbert– Kindred spirit (Anne of Green Gables)

Marilla’s brother, who is extremely shy. He spoils Anne and is proud of her, and goes out of his way to make her happy. Anne and Matthew influence each other in positive ways. Plus he can influence Marilla to be a bit nicer at times.

7. Ari & Janco- Power Duo (The Study series)

One is powerful and the other super fast. Together they make an awesome team and great support to Yelena.

8. Stefan- Vampire sweetheart (Mercy Thompson series)

Vampire who drives a VW bus painted like the Mystery Machine. Need I say more?

9. Bubba- “The King” (Southern Vampire Mysteries)

Bubba is really Elvis in vampire form, just don’t mention that to him. Lol. Cheerful and takes everything quite literally.

10. Cinna- Wicked awesome stylist (The Hunger Games trilogy)

Katniss’s stylist and friend. He is normal looking and doesn’t wear hideous clothes like everyone else from the Capitol. We learn that this is his first time working the Games and he specifically asked for District Twelve. He designs clothes that are not only beautiful but make political statements as well. How cool is that?

Your turn. Which minor characters make your list?


  1. I like the minor characters. I tend to relate to them, sometimes more often than main characters. Side-kicks seem less important, and I suppose in some ways there are, yet they are very supportive and the story wouldn’t be complete or as interesting without them.

    A few of my favorites would be:
    -Jem in To Kill a Mockingbird (and Mrs. Dubose!)
    -Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice
    -Lulu in the Stephanie Plum (Evanovich) series
    -Mr. Laurence in Little Women

    I have others but my brain isn’t working efficiently at the moment.

    1. Lol! I almost put Mr. Collins too. It’s hard to believe he was 25, I always thought of him as older. I blame the BBC series…he looks so old there. Gosh, and Lulu was awesome. Good Call. Oh! and I love how Jem is so protective of Scout…

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Great list, I loved Ari and Janco! I’m also a big Cinna fan, I’m still sad by what happened to him.
    (also, I recognize that gif from tumblr :D) Have a great day!

  3. I have to say Dobby would be my favorite minor character in Harry Potter. Here is a character that truly believed in Harry and sacrificed his life to save him and his friends. To me Dobby is one of the greatest heroes in the novel. I tear just thinking about it…lol…Also, while I wouldn’t call her minor, Bellatrix is my favorite villain. She did so much damage and really was a fun but scary character.

  4. I totally love that you put Stefan–he is pretty awesome for a vampire. And Matthew Cuthbert–another great choice. love your list today. Thanks for stopping by.

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