Being Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram

When I read this book was,

“reminiscent, in a way, of Xmen’s Rogue and Gambit”

I simply had to read it. I’m the biggest Rogue and Gambit fan, not to mention X-Men fan in general. I used to throw ice cubes from trees, lame superpower but still… Did I mention I met a guy at work with the last name “Xmann?” I think I freaked him out.If I had a last name like that I’d be naming my kids all sorts of awesome names.

Anyway I was all prepared to give this book a semi-bad review despite the similarities to my favorite superheroes, but then I actually saw the book trailer after reading and I felt that put things in better perspective. Does that make sense? I think before I was taking things too seriously. So I’m going to review this as if I was watching a Saturday morning episode of X-Men: The Animated Series.


Okay this story starts with a kiss. What’s wrong with that, you say? Well nothing except Jamie Baker at one point had a freak accident involving toxic waste and tons of electricity. So Jamie happens to have an electrical supercharge running throughout her body at all times. Whenever she has extreme emotions she charges whomever she’s touching like a battery. Extreme emotions come out when kissing someone so this could a.) make the person she’s kissing freak and leave or b.) think she’s some sort of kissing goddess and pursue her further. So now the latter actually happened and Ryan Miller one of the school jocks won’t leave her alone. It’s scary cause she sort of likes him too, but doesn’t want to kill him.And besides she needs to protect her secret as she doesn’t want to be turned into a government lab rat.

My Thoughts:

Being Jamie Baker is like Rogue meets Edward Cullen. Oddly I felt many times that Jamie was channeling Edward with his, “stay away from me I’m not good for you…” brooding vibe. She even saves someones life in a school parking lot like Edward. Jamie little-by-little has to learn to just be herself and not play a martyr with her life, but the process was sort of annoying to me. She was always pushing Ryan away despite obviously liking him, whining about her powers. It became a repetitive cycle. I guess if I had superpowers I didn’t know how to control I’d be a whinny chump too. That’s sort of understandable, but to me the standout character wasn’t Jamie Baker, but Ryan Miller.

Ryan is incredibly adorable and persistent. And it’s been awhile where I’ve seen a jock used in a positive light rather than being a jerk. Usually it’s like the protagonists fall for the bad boy loners, or indie musicians or something. So this was sort of refreshing, and he puts up with all of Jamie’s breakdowns. Jamie was okay before, but Ryan makes her likable and changes her for the better. It was like he was her superhero and that was cute.


There wasn’t a lot of action in this book, besides bench-pressing a truck, shooting lightning from hands and the occasional cross-country super run, but it was enough to be enjoyable. Basically it comes down to Jaime trying not to fall in love with Ryan Miller and keeping her super powers a secret.If you read the book with that in mind and keep it simple it’s pretty entertaining. And it is sort of like Rogue and Gambit…he pursues, she resists/sometimes gives in. Oh! And am I the only person who sees the resemblance between Kelly Oram and Jean Gray? She must have superpowers too. ↓

Anyway, please view the book trailer as it is adorable, and probably explains the whole book better than this review. Pfft.

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