Bible Sunday: Nameless Mothers

Jerub- Baal had seventy sons with his wives and one son named Abimelech, with a slave girl. Abimelech was very evil.  He wanted to be the King of Israel. So, he made a plot with his mother’s family and suggested to Israel that he should be the King instead of his seventy brothers that belonged to the legal wives of Jerub- Baal, better known to us as Gideon.  Once he was chosen he went to his father’s house and on one rock he killed all of his fathers seventy sons. Only one son escaped.

Abimelech went on to be one of the most evil kings of Israel because of his ruthless cruelty. For example he chased the people of a town named Shechem and killed many of them in the field then destroyed their town and scattered salt over it. About, a thousand citizens of this same town, men and women rushed to a temple to hide from Abimelech, thinking they would be safe in the temple. Abimelech, arrived with his men surrounded the place and quickly cut branches and gathered wood from around the area and piled it in the perimeter of the temple and set it on fire, and killed them all.

Next, Abimelech, went to the town named Thebez, besieged and captured it. Inside the city, however, was a strong tower, to which all the men and the women of the city fled. They locked themselves in and climbed to the tower roof.  Abimelech went to the tower and stormed it. But, as he approached the entrance to the tower to set it on fire, just as he had done before to the town of Shechem, a woman, a nameless woman dropped a millstone on his head and cracked his skull. Hurriedly, he cried to his armor–bearer, “Draw your sword and kill me, so that no one can say, “A woman killed him!” Such, was the pride of this man that he didn’t want it said that a woman had defeated him and ended his reign of terror.

What does this have to do with Mother’s Day you ask? Since time immemorial to now, there have been nameless women, mothers that have stood and fought for the life and safety of their children. We don’t know whether this woman was a mother, but I’d like to think she had children worth protecting. These nameless mothers have gone without food in order to feed their babies. They have mended and remade winter hand-me-down clothes for their children to stay warm.Many without the help of a husband by their side have worked two jobs to provide for a household, where she knows she is the sole support. These, nameless women anxiously worry if they are bringing up their children right. They ask themselves,

“Have I created a stable support for my children?”

“Does anyone care, that I am struggling as valiantly as I can to keep my children safe, fed, warm and educated?”

“Does anyone care that I am trying to teach my children right from wrong, in a society that has so morally crumbled?”

These solitary women may not even get a “thank you,” from her own children, because they fail to see the sacrifices she has done for them.  The children may disdain the poor lifestyle of their mother, in spite of all her efforts to give them the best. And so, these mothers fade away; waste away with hard labor and the reality of the cruelness of life. But, none of these trials have defeated them, for they have stepped forward to defend their children from the wolf knocking down their doors. They have confronted Abimelech, the treacherous foe of God’s people and cracked his head with one blow. Where were the men, in our story in Judges chapter nine, when she took the very large millstone to drop on the enemy’s head? Where are the men today, when the single mother is trying to cope by herself?

I believe that this story of how a nameless woman killed the evil Abimelech is a shadow of Mary giving birth to Jesus (also called The Cornerstone that would come to bruise the enemy’s head and defeat Satan.)

Today on Mother’s Day, do you know a nameless, valiant mother who is trying so hard to be a good provider,yet has little or no help from someone else? How many mothers have lost their own dreams, hopes and youth just to see their children reach for their own dreams?  These are a selfless, tireless, loving, sacrificial army of nameless women called single mothers. Let’s pray, that they will continue to crack the head of the enemy.


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