The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

I love Greek myths, and even more than that I was always fascinated with the story of Persephone. So you can imagine how excited I was to find this book.The Goddess Test is a modern-day retelling of the myth but also a sequel to the tale.

Kate Winters has spent the last four years of her life caring for her terminally ill mother.Not only is she dealing with her mother’s illness she just moved from New York to Eden, Michigan the place where her mother wants to die.

She befriends James a boy who suspiciously looks like Draco Malfoy except he carries a huge bottle of Ketchup in his backpack, and makes frenemies with Ava. When a prank goes horribly wrong she meets Henry who freakishly brings someone back from the dead and gives her cryptic messages about the autumn equinox.

He claims to be Hades, god of the Underworld—and if she accepts his bargain, he’ll keep her mother alive till she can handle saying goodbye.

The first half of the book felt a little bumpy, and things happened that I didn’t deduce from the conversations. Like Kate told Henry she’d read up on the myth of Persephone and then James says something along the lines of, “doesn’t change the fact you agreed to marry a complete stranger…” …wait…what? When did that happen? She just said she’d read the myth. Little things like that.

The second half of the book, once we get all the characters settled is much better. It focuses more on Kate and Henry’s relationship and the seven tests she has to pass, while dealing with sabotage as well. Kate is pretty selfless as a protagonist; all she cares about is saving her mother and even her enemies. She faces her greatest fears, and is determined to prevail.Oh, and of course there’s a love triangle.

Basically you can hear The Animals singing, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” throughout the book. I like how we get both sides, Ava and James bouncing conflicting ideas of Hades around. History takes Persephone’s side, of course, but we get to hear Hades, a.k.a. Henry’s version of events. I’ve always felt sympathetic to his plight. Dude is just lonely, and someone has to rule the dead. Is it wrong that he wants to love someone?

So if you like mythology, misunderstood characters and a Draco Malfoy look- alike then give it a try before Goddess Interrupted comes out next February.

Dude, and how gorgeous is the cover?


  1. That sounds interesting, I’ll add that to the list of must reads because even though Draco is shown as a cowardly bad boy, i can’t help but like him haha and the fact that I do enjoy a bit of Greek mythologthy now and ohhhhh who can resist a love triangle 🙂

    I absolutely LOVE book covers!!! therehould be some sort of class you can take that strictly analyzes book covers!

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