Bible Sunday: A Kiss is Still a Kiss

Sorry for the lack of post last Sunday, there was a slight problem that was resolved a bit too late. Anyway, please welcome guest blogger, Belle. —Skye

As I watched the royal wedding of William and Katherine one can’t help but be impressed with all the trappings and splendor of what is part of the House of Windsor. Then, the much-anticipated moment, the kiss at the balcony happened.  It was just a peck that would not have satisfied a grandmother. The crowd groaned, as if to say, “Is that it?”  Then comes the second peck, then the crowd just gives up on hoping for a better kiss. We understand about the tradition and protocol that governs the royal house, like that of not showing intimate emotion in public, but one couldn’t help but feel defrauded as we watch the couple.  I am not saying that William and Katherine are not in love. Hopefully I think they are (Knock on wood.)  But, there is no protocol for hungering true love. It reads on the faces, body language and eyes of the people in love. The power of love can make us love-sick to the point of arresting such basic needs as appetite, sleeping, speech and even reacting without logic. Love can make us so happy that we barely touch the ground because we are on “cloud nine.” We also, look better, our skin glows, we smile at everything and nestled in our heart is great hope for the future. Everything looks rosy. This same kind of dizzying love, is how God wants us to love him.

Now, lets look at kissing in the book of Song of Solomon, centrally located in the Bible. The book starts off with a longing to be kissed by her lover. Song of Solomon 1:1-2

2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—
for your love is more delightful than wine.

She is longing for the start of intimacy with her lover.  Then, she wants to get a room.

4 Take me away with you—let us hurry!
Let the king bring me into his chambers.

This book is difficult to understand, because it is an allegory of the love between God and his church, but also a true love story of King Solomon and a special lady. The whole lyrical book talks about both, Solomon and the woman pursuing each other, wishing for a deeper intimacy. Either she is looking for him or he is waiting for her to come away so they can be together. In the eight chapters that comprise the book, there at least nine times he mentions the word “come.” They have shared intimate kisses and love. They laud each others physical beauty and affirm there is no one else that can compare to the person they love. The man is so in love that he even stalks her, standing behind a wall peering through the lattice to see if he can see her calling out to her, “arise, arise, come my darling!” (shades of Romeo)

In spite of seeming incongruent with the rest of the Bible because of its sexiness, this book, Song of Solomon is allegorically speaking of how much God wishes for a deeper and more intimate relationship with us, his people. He is constantly pursuing us and he lavishes his love upon us. He tells us that we were worth dying for at the cross. He has no regrets. He takes us to his banqueting table and his banner over us is Love, verse 2:4

However, intimacy usually starts with a kiss, just like this book starts with a strong desire for kissing. But, the only way to kiss someone is to look at them face to face. This is a sign of wanting to know a person better or the action declares a need to go to a deeper level of intimacy that will lead to a more profound love connection. God wants each of us to seek his face. Psalm 27:8, reads,

8 My heart says of you, “Seek his face!”
Your face, LORD, I will seek.”

1 Chronicles 16:11,

11 Look to the LORD and his strength;
seek his face always.

Finally let’s look at Book of Solomon as a perfect “love dance” between two people in love. Let us get to know God, more intimately, by talking to him all the time, throughout the day and night. We should be like lovers that can’t stand to stop talking on the phone, texting and skyping each other continually. We should be like Solomon and his lady the beautiful, Shulammite, drunk in the wine of their kisses yet, hoping to know each other even better. God does not want something superficial with us. After all, people are not writing songs that praise superficiality in love, like a song that would say, “A peck is still a peck…,” and be satisfied with it. The crowd and the world looking on the royal “kiss” felt defrauded because, we know what a true kiss is. Even God would be dissatisfied with that kind of kiss. A kiss is a thermometer of how much love fever is below the surface. Let’s fall in love with God, as we search his face.

As a bonus here’s a song based off scriptures in Song of Solomon.


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