Audiobooks & Bounty Hunters

How do you feel about audiobooks?

I’ve heard people say it’s a cop-out because you don’t actually read the book. I think that’s pretty harsh, but some people feel that way. As for me I think they come in handy when you’re doing the laundry or washing the dishes or even a long commute to work. And does anyone else have speakers in their shower? I hate to take showers without music or an audiobook. Lol. I have these crappy speakers in a Ziploc bag held with clothespins to my shower curtain. Yeah, I’m ghetto that way.

But anyway it took me awhile to get used to audiobooks, because I wasn’t paying attention. I’d always get distracted. I’ve recently forced myself to actually focus on what’s being said, although I still prefer to read the actual book. I suppose some people are not auditory learners. Or maybe you read faster than the book being narrated.

My friend says she’s only liked Graceling as an audiobook because it had sound effects and different voices. I always thought that was funny. But today I wanted to talk about one audiobook that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I haven’t listened to that many, but this by far is my favorite.

Janet Evanovich’s One For the Money Narrated by C.J. Critt. It seems that the earlier books are being re-narrated by new people like Lori Petti (the trainer from Free Willy) or Lorelei King. I’ve heard a little of the new ones, and I still prefer C.J. Critt. She is just awesome.The way she narrates Benito Ramirez gives me the chills. She is narrating by herself and she does each character so well, you realize you don’t need different voices to keep you entertained.

I was about nine when her first book came out so I can see how my generation thinks the books are for older people, but they’re not. I mean yeah, certain things they say can be dated, but that’s cool in its own way. I mean I picture Stephanie with a ↓cell phone like this and an outfit like that.↓

Okay I exaggerate just a bit, I think the books came out early 90’s so maybe not the outfit, but the phone yes.

So Stephanie Plum used to be a lingerie buyer, but is now unemployed. Her fridge is empty, her car gets repossessed and she needs to live. Desperate she asks her cousin Vinnie for a job as a bounty hunter. As it turns out her first assignment is to hunt down her ex Joe Morelli, a former cop who is in deep trouble for killing a man. Of course the situation is more complicated than we think. So not only is she looking for her punk ex, she is solving a mystery as well.

You know, when I first got into the book I thought it was pure fluff, but one scene early on really scared me, and puts you in the same mindset as Stephanie. She really doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into in the beginning and she kind of flounders along. Her family is hilarious, and her Grandma Mazur is just crazy funny.

*I’ve placed an audio clip in the side bar if you’d like to listen to a clip.*

I mean it’s kind of like Dog the Bounty Hunter meets the Jersey Shore. Pfft.

Okay, okay, not really, I mean she’s a bounty hunter and it takes place on the Jersey Shore. I might have scared some people off with Dog, but hey, I like that show.

Overall it was a fun book made even better by C.J. Critt narrating. Also One for The Money looks like it’s going to be made into a movie next year with Katherine Heigl as Stephanie, so try reading or listening before the movie hits theaters.

So…What do you guys think of audiobooks? Any Favorites?


  1. I’ve never actually listened to a whole audio book. I own 4 (I think) and would like to give them a real try, but with the kids around it’s pretty much impossible – especially seeing the kinds of books I read. 😉 I have listened to snippets and found that it was harder for me to get into it because it’s someone else’s voice and not mine in my head (if that makes any sense). But one day, I will try one for real. I don’t think they are a cop out. I think they are a great idea!

    1. I get what you mean Julie, it took me a while to get used to someone else reading to me. Lol. Sometimes depending on the narrator I just couldn’t get into the story.

  2. “Lol. I have these crappy speakers in a Ziploc bag held with clothespins to my shower curtain. Yeah, I’m ghetto that way.”

    “Ghetto that way” ….. What does that mean? I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

    What does “ghetto” imply to you?

    1. @ jo jo, I mean no disrespect. Lol, it just means I’m so poor I have to resort to recycled speakers in a Ziploc bag instead of fancy schmancy ones built into my wall. “Ghetto” isn’t necessarily bad, it just means with lack of funds I get a bit more creative.

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