Top Ten Mean Girls

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.

Today it’s Top Ten Mean Girls, and I don’t know why but this one is hard for me. Boys would be easier. I could only think of one initially, I suppose this is a good thing…Lets see.

1. Monica Morrel from the Morganville Vampire series was the first that came to mind. I mean she is a sociopathic freak who does all sorts of mean things. I mean who could forget her first encounter with Claire…a slap down some steps. It’s even worse when you find out her father is the mayor, and what she did to Shane!

2. Tory Gardiner from Jinx by Meg Cabot (in fact I think you can always find a mean girl in her books,) when Jinx refuses to join her cousin’s coven of witches…Tory does some really horrible things to assume her powers… Yeah, pretty hard core bad things.

3. Sophia from the Disillusionist trilogy, She’s the catty, personal assistant and quasi girlfriend to Otto one of the main guys. You know those moments where you’re yelling and screaming at the television screen? That was me at the end of the second book. I won’t give anything away, let’s just say she does something really evil to Justine and freakin’ smirks like nothing.

4. Lady Oonagh of Daughter of the Forest she’s the stepmother to Sorcha. It’s because of her Sorcha’s six brothers are turned into swans. Basically every bad thing that ends up happening to Sorcha is her fault.

5. Debbie Pelt,  fist seen in Club Dead Alcide’s jealous ex-girlfriend, who pushes Sookie into a trunk with a hungry vampire..not to mention the other vindictive things she’s done.

6. Neferet from The House of Night Series. She’s the high priestess of the House of Night, and a snake in the grass. I’m still sad about Loren Blake, he could have been redeemed. Dangit!

7. Iardith from A Posse Of Princesses is the most vain, manipulative, and beautiful princess. She is mean, and makes fun of everyone. When she gets abducted all the other princesses go to find her. I wouldn’t have bothered.

8.Jace Valchek is a criminal profiler from the Bloodhound Files series, dropped into an alternate earth where the human population is very small. But she is freaking abrasive and mean, I mean you can be an awesome profiler without harping on everything. I didn’t finish the series cause she was so annoying.

9. Mary Crawford from Mansfield Park. Yeah, I’m looking at you Mary, you who allowed your stupid brother to toy with Fanny Price. I guess you were more sneaky than mean, but still!

10. Ms. Trunchbull from Matilda. She’s like the old-school Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter. I mean who wants to be locked in a narrow cupboard with broken glass sticking out in the walls and nails on the door dubbed “the chokey.”

Lol, I’ll leave you with a memorable scene from Matilda.

Did anyone else learn to spell “difficulty” this way?

Which girls do you remember as mean?


    1. @ Lisa Lol! Nah, I felt the same way when Karma came around. Even Rachel cheered. Debbie was just too much!
      @Trish I know, lol, I thought of Mrs Trunchbull at the last minute. She was a punk.

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