Bible Sunday: Job Continued

pages-of-bible-form-a-heart2Last Sunday I introduced the book of Job, which, at first reaction people hear Job’s name and recoil, thinking isn’t he the one that lost everything? As human’s we don’t like losers. We want champions and super-heroes that defeat every obstacle with gusto and bravado. With the character Job, we have to keep in mind, who his foes were, to appreciate his victory at the end of the book. He had against him Satan and also the desertion of God’s protection, while the enemy was stomping on him.

How many of us would have done what Job’s wife wanted him to do, “Curse God and Die?” Satan is a formidable sadist and tormentor whose mission statement has been to steal, kill and destroy humans and their dreams (John 10:10)

Just like a true super-hero Job never flinched or faltered in his faith that God was good. He didn’t understand what was happening but, he chose to believe that his redeemer lived and some day he would stand before him. Therein laid the champion with his backbone set in steel…faith… that none of his losses were able to take from him.

Then there was God. How does he convince Job that he had more wisdom than Job? Many times personal pain makes us do, say and think stupid things. So, after the trials of Job, came his final test. When God asks us questions, he is not trying to know information, he already knows the answers. He wants us to open our own eyes to his wisdom and to open our understanding. This exactly, what he does to Job in Chapters 38 and 39.

Take the test for yourself and see how brilliant we think we are.

I recommend for more simplicity and understanding to read NIV, Living or The Message Bible versions for clarity.

Test yourself, you will come to the conclusion that God is supernatural and has no limits. How do we measure next to him? Yet, this God decided to call us his children (1 John 3:1)

Our conclusion at seeing Job, bedraggled, physically grotesque and totally empty of everything, painfully inch to the finish line with his only worthy value within his heart…FAITH. Stadiums in heaven rejoiced with thundering acclamation for Job the champion! He really is a super hero.




  1. Okay, I think Americans love an underdog more than a champion. We cheer our underdogs on more, we secretly hope that all underdogs are top dogs in the end. But I think that the story of Job is not one that puts God in the best light. This story always reminds me of the Roman and Greek gods. Humans were always going through trials and tribulations at the hands of their gods. The gods did so out of some very human emotions like jealousy or revenge. God, in the story of Job, puts his little puppet, Job, through some horrible times, simply because he wished to make a point. So, in the end he gives Job a new family. So what. The real point of this story is that bleep happens, regardless of the goodness of a person. Job was a good person, and he held on to that through the tough times. Good for him. But that was because Job knew the truth…that he had no control over what happened to him, ultimately, Job knew that bleep happens and it was happening to him. It’s my opinion, and blasphemous, I know, but Job is the top dog in this story and not God. You don’t have to publish my response if you don’t want to. It’s just my personal opinion.

    1. Controversy Kristina! Lol, Belle wrote this, but I think that she meant that Job was the top dog in the story too. Yeah, this isn’t one of my favorite stories either. Every time something bad happens I tell her it’s because this is her favorite Bible story. What’s yours?

  2. I really like Footprints..yeah, it’s not in the Bible. I love it because it’s a beautiful story and relevant even in non-biblical terms. For example, even when we think we are alone in hard times, it’s the support and love that our parents and loved ones gave us growing up that will give us the strength to get through it.

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