Library Appreciation Week: Knowledge and Entertainment for Free

Today starts National Library Appreciation week here in the states. It’s a time to appreciate the value of libraries and librarians everywhere. Later this week I’m hoping to have some interviews with some of the local librarians in my town, but for today I thought I’d share my tale of my first memorable visit to a library.

My brother being thirteen years older was sometimes saddled with the responsibility of looking after me. So we’d get on our bikes and ride the four blocks to the local university library (where he had a job shelving books…and where nine years later I’d have a similar job there.)↑

He told me that we could get movies from the library and watch them at home. I remember being so excited and then pitching a fit when he expected me to pick a movie about a singing nun and a mean navy captain (I mean what nine year old wants to see a movie with this on the cover?)↓
He and the librarians convinced me to give it a try. Needless to say I pretty much loved it since those aerial shots of the Alps in the beginning. I had my doubts when “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” came on, but of course I fell in love with the movie. So it is to my brother that I owe my love of libraries and musicals, but this isn’t a post about my love of the singing nun (not really anyway,) it’s about entering a new world. A world that smells like books, and polished floors…where you can hunt for intelligence and determine to be brilliant. Because libraries hold the knowledge of men, and because of them we have the daily opportunity to partake in this knowledge and entertainment for free. And search engines? Yeah, they’re nifty, but librarians are just as cool.

Our future's so bright, we need shades!

So thanks Bear, for opening a whole new world for me and being the best older brother there is. Because now I’m in the position to help children in the library find Beast Quest books and information on gerbils. Who knows, perhaps I can get another nine year old girl to watch The Sound of Music and like it. Libraries and librarians simply rock, so why not tell them so? 


  1. What a lovely post! I loved my library, but the one in my village doesn’t have much of the genres that I read. But their children’s section is wonderful and I make sure to bring my kids there when I can.

    1. Julie, you always make my day. 🙂 It’s kind of the same here, we have a lot of children’s books, but hardly any YA teen books. I end up buying a lot of what I read.

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