Top Ten Book Covers You Wish You Could Redesign

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.

Today it’s all about Top Ten Book Covers You Wish You Could Redesign.

All I can say is thank God for e-readers so we don’t have to lug around books with embarrassing covers.

1. Why is it that Sherwood Smith has these horrible book covers? I mean I hate it when people won’t pick up the book because the cover is so cheesy ( granted they are about princesses and castles… but still!) The second kindle edition cover is by far better than the first…but I would like to see the cover look like this Ruth Sanderson painting…or at least something similar.

2. As for the Evernight Series, I’m sort of Indifferent to them , but wouldn’t they look a lot better if it was just the solid red or purple with the same Evernight font?

3. I hate the Iron duke cover, In fact I hate any cover with half dressed people on them. It makes me embarrassed.It would look better I think with just the steam-punk element to it, heck add a ship, just take off the man or at least dress him.

4. Hex Hall looks a bit too young and eh for me. And why the lake on both covers? Did I miss something, because the lake wasn’t that important.

5. Vampire Academy should just stick to a picture of a boarding school or something because all the faces on theses covers are creepy.

6. Daughter of the Forest. Although the cover lends itself to the awesomeness of the tale and name I’d just like an updated version. Also Son of Shadows is scary looking.

7. The Morganville Vampire series has the same creepy face-ness that Vampire Academy does, plus they don’t look anything like how I imagined the characters to look. I guess they could put pictures of this small Texas town or something.Although I do like the omnibus editions though….Maybe they should just keep the model with pink hair for every book. I mean she just looks better.

8. DarkFever. Okay, if my mother saw me reading this she’d make me repent. I’m glad there is an alternative cover cause that first one just makes me so red in the face.

9. For some weird reason though, I prefer the old covers for Patricia Briggs older novels. They just look better to me…

10. Lisa Shearin’s Raine Benares series covers are just too blah. Why not something more pirate like or seekerish…How about a new character every Fruits Basket? You know,Raine, Tam, Mychael, Piaris, Phealan, Mago…


  1. Vampire Academy should just stick to a picture of a boarding school or something because all the faces on theses covers are creepy. LOL! And find they look nothing like the way I envision the characters!
    As for the half-dressed dudes on the covers, I used to feel that way too. I was actually thoroughly shocked by these covers and would blush when I spotted them. Then I ‘accidentally’ started reading a novella that was full of smex and thought “damn, this is actually really good”. Now, I still giggle at the strange erect nipples and goosebumps, but I also ogle at the abs some of these guys have. 😉

  2. My husband and I just finished discussing these and agree 110% on the half dressed covers. Somebody please explain why these are so popular. But the ones that really got us were the Patricia Briggs covers. The ones on the right are the new ones? They look like they should be the old covers and remind you of artwork for covers years ago. The covers on the left are crisp, clean and eye catching. Lisa Shearin’s certainly need some work, besides being blah, they are confusing because they don’t tell you anything about the character, genre or age group. Not sure if the Magna type cover art would work either, unless they had elements of Nicole Peeler’s covers maybe.
    Great post subject!

    1. -Dawn, Lol. No the ones on the right are the old ones, but I think I prefer those to the newer ones (which granted, are crisp, clean and eye catching…lol)

  3. This was such a fun idea! I do find some of the characters on the front cover to be a bit creepy. I was never really embarassed by the front covers of books. I’ve always been a little more open with my sexual mind thanks to all my friends I hang out with. We are very open with asking each other questions and telling eachother stories so when it comes to books I agree with Julie, I kind of just admire how hot and sexy they are. LOL. But this is what is so cool, each person is their own person and if it makes you uncomfortable then I completely understand. I also like the Feverseries’ book covers that I have. You should check them out in my “books by cover” section to see them all. They don’t have any half naked people on them at all! 🙂 Oh and I agree with Patricia Briggs covers as well, I like the older way better than the newer ones!

    1. -Deannalynnc wow! I really like the Feverseries’ book covers with the jewel tones…Lol, even the font is cool looking. Yeah, I don’t usually like older covers but for some reason I like the Patricia Briggs ones.

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