Chime By Franny Billingsley

Reading level: Young Adult

Hardcover: 368 pages

Publisher: Dial (March 17, 2011)

Briony Larkin deals with self hatred all the time. She believes she’s bad because after all her name comes from a poisonous vine. Plus, villainous creatures in the swamp refer to her as their mistress. She’s been told that no one is to know of her being a witch. So when an engineer and his son come to drain the swamp that is vital to her sister’s protection she must face the difficulty of revealing her secret to save her twin.

This book is difficult to review. Was it mysterious? Did it keep me guessing? Was it different? Yes, yes, and yes, however I wouldn’t say I liked this book. It’s odd to say, but I think it was the writing style that threw me. There were parts where Briony would randomly break into weird little poems. They were kind of nonsensical to me. I guess if you were seeing a movie you’d imagine those parts as being eerie and creepy and it would work,but reading those parts were just annoying to me. The reading flow just seemed hindered.

Another problem for me was too much action would take place in the swamp, and I would be lost as to what just happened. I guess because Briony is such an unreliable narrator and guarded, we the reader only know so much, and what we do know gets confusing.

Rose is her identical twin who seems a bit slow, but in reality is pretty smart.That is one good thing about this book though. The characters are well fleshed out and despite being confused, I felt sympathetic towards them. As the book goes on you’ll probably go through three of four different scenarios of what could have happened and that was a bit fun.

Towards the end it was more exciting, but the first half just complicated the experience for me. 

Overall the book was just okay to me, but all over the net the reviews are just glowing with praise. So maybe it’s just not my cup of tea, maybe it will be yours.  Judge for yourself.


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