Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.

Today it’s all about bookish pet peeves…(all those things that annoy you in a story, with book covers, bookstores, etc.)

1. Extremely abrasive protagonists. Being rude isn’t synonymous with being strong. One doesn’t have to be rude to be tough, even smart alecs can be likable.  I can understand hating a character in the first book, and hoping she’d grow throughout the series, but when she is still rude and snide in the next book. Forget it. I don’t know how many books I’ve read where I want to smack the protagonist.

2. Due date stickers that cover the book snippet in the back. Okay, I know newer books stick the snippet inside the flap but some books still have the description on the back so why cover it? Then you try to move them and it gets sticky.

3. Protagonist-Guy-Sister. I hate it when a guy dates the protagonists and then ends up with one of her sisters. Random. I know it sounds weird, but it troubles me.

4. Overly sad endings. I know some people hate happy endings because it feels contrived, but sometimes excessively sad endings feel that way too. One can force a sad ending just as much as a happy. I’d rather have an extraordinarily happy ending then finish a book and feel like I was spit on.

5. Lust not love. When characters claim they love the other one so much but it just seems like lust.

6. Book cover & movie poster. Some books have a really great original cover, why change it to the movie poster? Especially if the movie ends up sucking.

7. Books with names on the inside. I really don’t mind buying a used book like this (I have even done this myself)…but sometimes the name is overly huge. I don’t want to see someone else’s name written in huge purple glitter marker. Even as I write this I think I’m mean (I swear I’m not extremely abrasive…)

8. Perspective Switching. Books that change character perspective every chapter. It annoys me that I hate this because it makes me feel like I can’t handle changing perspectives. I can handle it, I just don’t prefer being yanked from one head to another.

9. Mismatched series. I have series where either the publisher changed or one book is hardback and they don’t look right on a shelf. Then I constantly have to fight myself to not buy the paperback because I already have the hardback at home.

10. Preachiness. I’d rather come to my own conclusion, thank you. About anything, not necessarily about God, but especially about politics.

Grammar doesn’t bother me much, because I suck at grammar. I’d probably not notice if a comma was in the wrong place anyway (as some of you can probably tell…)

So, do share! What are some of your bookish pet peeves?


  1. Great list! I agree with a lot of these. All love triangles irk me, abrasive protagonists and sometimes even abrasive sidekicks can make me dislike an entire book, and I’m totally with you on the lust/love one. Too many head hops, overly sad endings, and preachiness, likewise.

  2. My all-time wanna-yank-my-hair pet peeve about books is something one might find in used books. Who know where that book has lived before, but sometimes I find smudges of what may or may not be boogers or sometimes the carcasses of mosquitoes surrounded by a dried bloody smudge. Kids, your books are not for nose wiping or mosquito murder. Makes me want to sanitize. Repeatedly.

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