Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters I’d want as Family Members

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.This Ides of March the theme is: Characters we’d want in our family. Here are mine:

1. Atticus Finch, in To Kill A Mockingbird. Gosh, I wish I had a father like this…He is probably one of the most upright fathers in fiction.

2. Thomas Builds-The-Fire from Sherman Alexie’s short story “This is what it means to say Phoenix, Arizona” is someone I’d want as a favorite cousin. He is always storytelling to the point of comically annoying others, yet he is eccentric and deep when least expected.  He’s a modern day storyteller wearing a “Frybread Power” t-shirt.

3. Ari & Janco from Maria V. Snyder’s Study series are a deadly combo when in battle. Power and speed is what they represent, and they would take care of any family member who would need it.

4.Stefan from the Mercedes Thompson universe. C’mon, he drives a VW bus dressed up like the Mystery Machine. Plus, a Scooby plush sits in the passenger seat.  What’s not to love? He could drop me off at school any day.

5. Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series would make an excellent little sister. She is loyal yet fun.

6. I haven’t finished reading Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier but the idea of having six brothers dote on you sounds nice. As all her brothers seem fiercely protective of her especially Finbar.

7. Kate Daniels seems like a badass older sister. She’d put anyone in their place.

8. Holden Caulfield is my favorite male protagonist from The Catcher in the Rye. He’d be my misunderstood teenage brother.

9. Myrnin from Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampire series. He wears vampire bunny slippers. He can be the crazy uncle.

10. Momiji Sohma from Fruits Basket. I don’t know if Manga counts, but he’d be the cutest nephew ever.

Gosh…I have a lot of brothers on this list, and a lot of crazies. Awesome!


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